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  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites
  • Solemare Parksuites

Solemare Parksuites

Bradco Avenue, Paranaque City
25-28 1brFlr/SQ.M Studio, 1, 2, 3Beds 1, 2Baths

Solemare Parksuites Newly Turovered Condominium for Sale in Paranaque Anchor Land Holdings Inc

Anchor Land Holdings Changes Name of New Residential Project Tribeca Parksuites, a new project under the Anchor Land Holdings Company, has changed its name to SoleMare Parksuites to create an enhanced identity for the residential project.

The name change to SoleMare Parksuites has several meanings that Anchor Land management felt were important in conveying a unique lifestyle whilst showcasing the precious location.

The etymology of SoleMare, which in Italian means sun and sea, Beth Ventura, ALHI AVP for Sales and Marketing was quick to quip that it came naturally due to its obvious surroundings and the views of magnificent horizons and vistas.

"We liked the name Solemare Parksuites a lot," Ventura said. "From a branding perspective, it's a very unique and calm sounding name.”

SoleMare Parksuites, is a 18-storey twin tower residential condominium located in what promises to be the next big major destination in the metropolis in Aseana Business Park, along Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. The Solemare Parksuites is a stone’s throw away from the SM Mall of Asia.

Already within the vicinity are five star hotels, residential towers, banks, countless dining options, schools, sports arenas and casinos. In no time, more of the same proximities are expected to mushroom including exciting new places like the Aseana Powerstation, Neo Chinatown and the PAGCOR City.

SoleMare Parksuites is destined to be the premier residential development in the area for years to come. Our Typical 1 bedroom unit is 25-28Sqm, with and without balcony. Our unit cost from 2.3Million - 4Million

Project Briefing

What is the exact location of the property?
The property is located along Bradco Avenue, Parañaque City.
Just a walking distance from SM Mall of Asia.

What are the views that can be enjoyed by the residential unit owners?
Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard Skyline, SM Mall of Asia Complex,
NAIA and Makati Skyline.

Property and Structure Dimensions

What is the total lot area of the structure?
The total lot area is 6,281 square meters.

What is the building footprint?

Building footprint is 3,253.30 square meters.

What is the total gross floor area of the project?

The total gross floor area of the project is approximately 50,573.48 square meters.

What is the total height of the building? (no. of floors and heights in meters)
The building has a total of 16 floors including the roofdeck and has a total height of 45.45 meters approximately from ground level up to the deck. Numbering of floors is up to 18th floor, without 4th, 13th and 14th floors.

Lobby and Elevators

How many lobbies will there be?
The main lobby is located at the ground floor of each tower.

What is the floor to floor vertical height of the main lobby?
3.70 meters.

What is the area measurement of the main lobby?
Main lobby at each tower has an area of 100 sq.m.

What materials will be used for the interior of the grand lobby?
As per architectural:
a. Floor : Tile and Granite
b. Ceiling : Gypsum Board Painted Finish
c. Walls : Latex Semi-gloss Enamel Paint Finish
(Refer to interior designer for the enhancement)

What materials will be used for the interior of the typical lift lobby?
As per architectural:
a. Floor : Homogenous Tiles (0.60m x 0.60m)
b. Ceiling : Gypsum Board Painted Finish
c. Walls : Latex Semi-gloss Enamel Paint Finish
(Refer to interior designer for the enhancement)

How many elevators will be provided in each tower?
Four elevators will be provided with a capacity of 14 passengers each. One will serve as a service elevator.

Residential Units

What floors will be covered by the residential units?
The floors that will be covered by residential units will be from 3rd floor up to the 18th floor.

How many units will there be?
There will be a total of 916 residential units for the two towers.
•912 one-bedroom units
•Four (4) two-bedroom units
Tower A have 457 units.
Tower B have 459 units.

What is the measurement of each floor?
Floor to Floor Ht.
a.Basement Parking Parking 3.85m
b.Ground Floor Commercial/ Main Lobby 3.70m
c.Second Floor Call Center 3.70m
d.3rd to 18th Floor Residences 2.80m
e.Machine Room/ Roof deck 1.40m

What is the floor to ceiling clear height of each residential floor?

The floor to floor height of each residential unit is 2.60 m.

What materials will be used for the interior of all the residential units?
As per architectural:
Living/Dining/Kitchen Floor: Homogenous Tiles (0.60m x 0.60m)

Bedroom Floor: Wood Laminated Flooring

W/ ceiling: ½”thk Gypsum Board Painted Finish

W/o ceiling: Poured Concrete- Skim coat Finish Painted on Off Form Concrete Slab

Wall: Latex Semi-gloss Enamel Paint Finish

Toilet & Bath:
Floor: 0.30mX0.30m Ceramic tiles (unglazed)
Ceiling: ½”tnk Gypsum Board Moisture Resistance
Wall: 0.30mX0.30m Ceramic tiles (glazed)-1.80m wall-painted above finish wall tiles

Shower area: 0.30 X 0.30 m Ceramic tiles
(Refer to interior designer for the enhancement)

Structural Specification and Utilities

What is the type of foundation that will be used for the building?
Bored pile foundation.

Is there a provision for air-conditioning units?
All residential units have a provision for air-conditioning unit, window type for bedrooms. There’s a provision for split type unit at the living/dining rooms of big units.

Is there a provision for hot and cold water in each residential unit?
There is provision for hot and cold water. Water heater will be provided by the unit’s owners.

Where will the water tanks be located?
Overhead water tanks are located at the roof deck of each tower.

Is there a back-up power?
In the event of normal power failure, generator sets will be utilized as standby power source of the building. The common areas will have 100% back-up power while each residential unit will be provided with a limited power enough to run basic appliances and light. The emergency power will be diesel-fueled engine generator sets.

Can the genset provide enough power for the entire building?
The following percentage will be provided by the genset:
•100% lighting and receptacle outlet for common area.
•100% life safety and essential load.
•30% lighting and receptacle load for commercial area.
•For residential, 1 receptacle for refrigerator, 1 for living area and 1 for master’s bedroom.

Will there be individualized electric and water meters?
All residential units will be provided with individual electrical sub-metering. Emergency power consumption will be billed on a pro-rated basis. No metering for emergency power.
Individual water meters are also provided for each unit.

Amenities, Services and Other Features

What are the amenities of the project?

•Adult’s Pool
•Children’s Pool
•Internet Corner
•Home Theater
•He/She Shower Room
•Multi-Function Room
•Fitness Gym
•Children’s Playground
•Games Room ( billiards, Darts )
(Refer to Landscape /Interior Designer for other features)

What are the other features of the project?
•24-hour security.
•Tenant Card Access System at the main entrance, amenity floor and designated floor.
•Routine shuttle bus going to MOA.
•Basement parking.
•4 elevators for each tower.
•Automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system

What are the safety features of the building?
•Building life safety compliance to local fire code and NFPA 101 safety code.
•Semi-addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System.
•Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (AFSS)
•Three fire escape locations at all level.
•Security intercom.
•All equipment provided with accessible clearance for maintenance.

Parking Levels

How many parking levels will be provided?
The project has one basement parking for residential use and ground floor exterior parking for the commercial.

What is the total number of the parking slots?
•Basement : 161 slots + 12 slots (6 tandems)
•for residential Ground : 46 slots for commercial
Total parking is 219 slots.

What is the size of each parking slot?
The size of each parking slots is 2.50 meters wide by 5.0 meters in length with a total of 12.50sq.m.

Advantages of tenants for having a unit in this project:
•Walking distance to the SM Mall of Asia Complex, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Great access to entertainment, lifestyle, I.T. center, restaurants, SMX Trade & Convention Center, SM mall of Asia, Church and Esplanade Sunset Strip.
•Great view of the Manila Bay, famous of its breathtaking sunset.
•Commercial component like restaurants and call center at ground and 2nd floor.
•Great amenities at the 3rd floor ( pool area, function room , gym, home theater, internet corner, games room )
•Fresh breathing air coming from the sea breeze, very healthy for the well-being of occupants.
•Separate title per unit.
•Only 18 stories high, less earthquake risk and higher tenant exclusivity.


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