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Playa Calatagan - Batangas


Playa Calatagan facade
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan
Playa Calatagan


Announcement Only
PhP 1.5 - 2.78 M. - Sale


Life's a Beach!
Swim. Surf. Dine. Shop. Stay a week or stay a lifetime... you'll never have a dull day in Playa Calatagan. It's the country's first tourism estate designed around a beach community in Calatagan, Batangas. Exclusive seaside residences. Hotels. Retail stores. And a host of other shopping, dining, and entertainment venues in addition to a variety of recreational options.

Stay a week or stay a lifetime.
Long known (or unknown) as the vacation haven of the country's prominent families, the town of Calatagan has retained its old Spanish provincial charm and laid back ambience. It's very much a part of Batangas. The home of heroes. Of the pina barong. And the balisong. So if you're after a place where the days are long with a few distractions, Playa Calatagan is the perfect place to dig your feet in the sand.

Be more than your city self.

Maybe you're a closet beach bum whose idea of something to do is doing nothing in particular. Or perhaps you're a nature lover who loves nothing more than communing with the wilderness. Or maybe you're just a weekend Indiana Jones with a passion for historical relics and religious folk art. Playa Calatagan is just the right backdrop to play out your life in full living color.

Sun, sand and sea

From brilliant sunsets to melodic birdsongs, to the flavors and aroma of fresh grilled seafood, life in Playa Calatagan is nothing but sensory.
Apart from the wealthy denizens who have carved their weekend retreats in Calatagan, very few have been lucky enough to discover Batangas' best kept secret. Stretches of virgin beaches with immaculate white sand, that slope ever so gently into the South China Sea. With Landco's mastery of the leisure lifestyle, Playa Calatagan is transforming the town into the hottest destination for seaside living. Think of fresh banana and peanut butter shakes. Of banana boat rides and sizzling barbecues. Of musicfests and Octoberfests. Of sailboats and sandcastles glowing against glorious sunsets. Think of tianggeeeee! At Playa Calatagan life comes in full color!



Seaside Residential Subdivision
Best swimming beach in Calatagan
525 meters of fine white sand
Beach Clubhouse
Hilltop Clubhouse
Central Park
Ampitheater Park
Bamboo Park
Village Reception/ Administration Building

Proposed Leisure-Commercial Tourism Development
Welcome Pavilion/ Tourism Information Center
Hotel Accommodations
Resort Facilities
Beachfront Promenade
Condominium Apartments
Restaurants and Retail Shops
Events Lawn

270 - 501 Square Meters 0 Garages

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