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San Benissa Garden Villas - Quezon City

Commonwealth Avenue, North Fairview., Quezon city

San Benissa Garden Villas facade
San Benissa Garden Villas
San Benissa Garden Villas
San Benissa Garden Villas
San Benissa Garden Villas
San Benissa Garden Villas

Residential Condo

Announcement Only
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Experience the idyllic charm of a Spanish-inspired eclave amongst lush landscapes on a gently sloping terrain in Quezon City at affordable price and flexible payment terms!
An Oasis in the City. The lure of living in the metropolis is convenience and safety. But this leaves city dwellers wanting for more. A home buyer may choose a property based on proximity to workplace, accessibility to malls and churches, and safety and security. But when asked what's missing in the urban setting, there is one answer that stands out - that is, a verdant setting to refresh the soul after a day's hard work.

San Benissa Garden Villas will enable our homeowners to embrace metropolitan living while enjoying a garden oasis. The convenience of living blocks from a host of restaurants, shops, hotels, and businesses in some of the Quezon City's most popular areas and the treat of having greenspace right at one’s doorstep are definitely having the best of both worlds.

Feature & Amenities
+ Spanish-inspired 5-storey walk-up type Condo
+ Gated Community with Perimeter fence
+ Grand Entrance Gate and Guardhouse
+ Clubhouse, Playground and a Badminton Court
+ Commercial Area
+ Elevated Water Tank
+ 24-hour Security

5 Storey 30 - 90 Square Meters 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms 1, 2 Bathrooms

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