Anuva presents a square space

Space planning or creating more space is a major challenge condo dwellers face. What else can you do with a narrow rectangular space that is typical of today’s condominium developments?

SOC Land has designed an answer, presenting it through Anuva, its 2.4-hectare mid-rise condo development along the East service road of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

The innovative square layout will allow homeowners more freedom to arrange pieces of furniture and decorate their units, as well as subdivide the space into living areas.

They can, for example, create a roomier haven by arranging pieces of furniture against the wall to create more room to move around.

According to Justine Mercado, SOC Land VP, living in a condo is like living in one large space. As such, you would want it to be as “large” and as flexible as possible.

Meanwhile, Mercado advised homebuyers to check whether the total area of the condo unit being quoted by a developer is accurate.

She warned that some developers tend to include in the computation additional remote spaces like laundry area even if it is at the condo’s roof deck.

Another advantage of squarish spaces is that ventilation is more distributed across the area. A window in one side of the wall can easily circulate air across the adjacent floor areas unlike in rectangular units where air has to travel further, if at all, across the room.

What’s more, architectural design experts will tell you that a unit that is basically square in shape is notched to provide every apartment with multi-directional views.

Anuva’s 80 percent open space is made scenic by abundant water amenities including a lazy river, swimming pool, a 50-meter lap pool, a lake and a lagoon. The view also includes the condo’s neighborhood along the East Service Road of SLEX in Barangay Buli, Muntinlupa.

Anuva is a value-for-money home. It sells for about P62,000 per sqm. Straight payment for Anuva is also available at zero percent int

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