Residences towers highlight green living

As Metro Manila and other urban cities welcome more condominium developments, the call to go green has become more urgent. Green living, environment friendly practices, and sustainable homes have been the latest buzzwords since the turn of the century, and for good measure.

A group of design engineers from DMCI Homes is taking on the task of providing the young urban family with an option to purchase condo homes that are in line with green and sustainable living. With this objective, the company has come up with a building design that works with the basic but often overlooked concept of the duality of seasons in the Philippine tropics.

Called Lumiventt (with lumen referring to light and ventus to wind), this system allows the free flow of natural light and ventilation around and into their high-rise structures. This design was first introduced in Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City, as an innovation in home engineering that is now benefiting more than 500 families residing there.

The northeast monsoon (amihan) and the southeast monsoon (habagat) wind patterns are taken advantage by this building design through three-story high openings called Sky Patios at the front and back of every five floor levels, and through openings at the ends of each level. These openings allow natural light and air to permeate through the structure, including all the unit spaces.

Winds passing through and around the structures create areas of positive and negative pressure. Employing the basic principles of airflow, the introduction of the central landscaped atriums and large openings of the Sky Patios provide channels through which air can move. Fresh air flows in while stale or hot air is displaced or sucked out.

“On all four sides, there are big openings and air passages in the buildings. Even with different prevailing wind directions, the wind enters. And even though it’s a condo, the fact that there is cross ventilation and natural lighting on all sides, residents get the feeling of an innately natural home setting as opposed to living in damp and cramped concrete structures.

“Also, through this design technology, homeowners will be able to manage the high cost of energy consumption while doing their part in caring for the environment,” Alfredo Austria, DMCI Homes President explained.

Lumiventt also complements the other green living concepts employed throughout Tivoli Gardens. This Neo-Asian themed resort-style community has lush greens, charming landscapes, exciting amenities, and other well-planned living spaces, that work together to provide residents the respite from heat, pollution, and dreary concrete scenes.

With these advantages, home buyers now have the option to purchase “green” homes, which are not only energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and durable, but most importantly, cost-efficient.

DMCI Homes is a triple A builder-developer that brings serviced, themed communities within reach of urban families. With over 55 years of experience, it offers the highest level of expertise and strict adherence to global standards

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